23 July 2007


and here is a photo of my studio (working area).

i built the studio in 2003, two years after my wife and i moved to our home in west sonoma county.

it also serves as a guest house -- full kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and very large sun deck -- with a foldout couch for couples with kids. it takes about an hour to convert the studio for guests.

i work at a large wooden table (the largest table i could find commercially, 4' x 8'). all the paints are in stackable dishes that pile into a plastic chest for storage, and voilĂ , the room is ready for a sitdown feast.

here everything is messed up with work, and i've got the image projector mounted vertically to prepare a series of small format landscapes from a recent photo expedition.


W. K. Moore said...

Amazing! I'm going to ask my wife for one of these for my birthday.. heh. Sure beats the hell out of my tv tray!

pampe said...

Beautiful light!!!!