22 August 2007

jonqui's hands

Strathmore drawing 200 gsm, 10" x 14". 15 minutes.

jonqui is a performance artist and events producer, living and working and occasionally modeling in petaluma, which is about a half hour south of me on country road. (about the same on roundabout freeway.) these are her hands.

jonqui is always "on" and came in her signature look -- flaming orange hair, black turtleneck pullover. she mentioned she would normally wear black pants too, but came in jeans instead.

these hands are "on" too, the fingers arranged like dancers.

Strathmore drawing 200 gsm, 10" x 14". 15 minutes.

i've posted the second hand drawing i did with her simply for the relaxed contrast. in the first my drawing was constrained by the precision of the pose; in the second i couldn't catch the essential details.

jonqui is a natural "hear me roar" style of woman, the kind that always makes me feel that everything is right with the world. but she was also insightful and plainspoken without being rude. i found this contrast between stage presence and humanity, the performer and the person, interesting and refreshing.

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