14 August 2007


Lanaquarelle HP 14" x 10". 5 hours.

a minor train wreck happened a week ago. i had worked with kristina, from the figure drawing group, and made four life portrait drawings the day before i met margaret. then my sister arrived to stay overnight with her son, who is on his way to uc davis, and then i met with two more women, geneva and jonqui, and made four drawings of each ... i ended up working on 12 portraits at a time.

kristina is schooling to be a professional health advisor and works as a massage therapist. she has a big boned, natural beauty and is healthy, physically strong and cheerful. this is the first or second life sketch i did of her. the peculiar green is actually the color of one wall of my studio, a color she admired openly when she visited. all the other colors (magenta blouse, dull yellow hair) are in contrast to it. her eyes were painted with sap green annd burnt sienna.

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