27 August 2007


Fabriano Artistico CP 300 gsm, 12" x 9". 4 hours.

this is the third in the life color studies of margaret, the one that i thought was headed to failure.

it is not so much a failure as a disappointment. she seems years too old (although i discovered my wife also thought she was much older than she is). the skin tones are overworked. i was lax with the hair because, well, this one had overstayed its welcome. i did get satisfaction that i salvaged it from the shredder.

this was the third color study i did that day, and i went too far separating the chromatic ingredients of the flesh mixtures. i pushed especially on the green and magenta.

margaret has a remarkably fetching natural eye shadow, and i remember i tried to get that color here (and in the previous two portraits).

this is the first posting i have made "real time", on the date shown, in almost two weeks. i have been behind because i was overextended, as described in previous postings. it feels good to "catch up".

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