02 August 2007

self portrait (august)

self portrait
Arches HP 300gsm 14" x 10". 1/2 hour.

i am continually doing self portraits in the background but will limit posting them to one or two a month.

this was was a dash off ... holding the watercolor block at eye level against the bathroom mirror, and simply copying the reflection life size with the other hand. venetian red for the background, gold ochre and burnt sienna for the skin, cobalt turquoise for the eyes, ultramarine mixed with burnt sienna for the hair.

i'm dedicating the next few months to portrait work primarily. i am a bit stuck about how to move forward with model acquisition. i am a little reluctant to paint acquaintances, as they can be either offended by what they see or offended if they don't get a freebie.

what is the portrait for? what does it represent? this is the first question of portrait painting.

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