07 August 2007


Winsor & Newton CP 300gsm 14" x 10". 4 hours.

continuing work with stefanie, i sketch about 4 to 6 portraits of her in charcoal or graphite, usually 10-15 minute poses. these are colored later in watercolor.

this is an attempt to reduce the notation to a minimum without making it appear completely schematic.

stefanie has a nice head and a very interesting nose, which is really the keystone of her face. she normally wears her hair back, as here, which shows the shape of her head very well but also always leaves a few strands hanging in front.

the early sessions with a model are constrained with formalisms and rituals and customs and so forth, even if these are very subtle. but later a certain form of trust develops that allows the work to go better and creates a look that is unique to the model.

for some reason i have been postponing the figure nude work with stefanie, but have several photo series for torso portraits.

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