23 September 2007

figure drawing group

Strathmore drawing, 250 gsm, 12" x 18". 20 minutes.

this is michal, from the weekly figure drawing group. she is one of the most extreme "stress" models i have worked with. some models are all victorian grace and poetry, and others are postmodern grungy informality, and some are just lazy. but michal will play all the roles in a greek tragedy.

i think this one is her supplicant. it's a great pose to show the length of the arm in relation to the torso, but it is also obviously painful for that right foot. michal gives it her all.

one of the best large format figure nudes i have yet painted was an image of michal sprawled as if asleep on my studio leather couch.

it was good to see michal again. she worked for me a few years ago and then i lost her contact info.

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