08 September 2007


Twinrocker watercolor CP, 300 gsm. 10 hours (?) over 4 years.

stacy was a local waitress and teacher whom i met at a local figure drawing group. until she came up and said hello, i did not recognize her without her glasses and clothes!

this painting was started from a private modeling session about 4 years ago, and has inched along since then. i only recently finished it. months would pass, and i'd pick it up again to add more to the hair, or finish an eye, or put in the background map of central paris.

the twinrocker paper is excellent for building color in thin glazes, but it does not facilitate lifting of staining pigments. it's a very reliable and enjoyable surface to work on.

stacy had a penetrating look that i always found a little unsettling. i have fond memories of this portrait.

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W. K. Moore said...

A Jaime Lee Curtis stand-in. Me gusta hombre...