03 October 2007


Arches HP 300 gsm, 12" x 9". Daniel Smith PrimaTek paints.

jan and i went to the antiquities museum to see some of the art salvaged from pompeii and classical sculptures salvaged from the gardens of roman estates. there was also lots of old amber. then we wandered for lunch and sightseeing in the commercial alleys of the old town. i was waiting for jan outside a gift shop when this young woman stepped out to make a cell call.

i used only primatek paints, and it shows in the monotonous quality of the reds and the overall granularity of the drawing. the paper had the density of parchment when i was done.

i like this image and might do a better job on it someday. the cool greens and blues advance, and the warm shadows retreat. exactly contrary to the rules of color theory!

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