23 October 2007

primatek paints

i spent several days trying the line of PrimaTek paints from daniel smith ... as the line had finally grown too large to ignore and the concept of mineral colors was intriguing to me.

the image is of one of my paintout sheets, arranged to give a sense of the color range and variety. but mostly i made paintings with the paints, and used them however they seemed to want to be put on paper.

the complete product review is posted on my web site.

i enjoyed using the paints, and some of the paintings i did have been posted previously. but my preference remains that modern saturated and lightfast pigments are not a step backwards by any means and provide the painter with unsurpassed range, subtlety and control. the mineral pigments create different color effects, but impose new difficulties as well; i think of them as "fresco watercolors" that reproduce much of the visual appeal and most of the limitations of buon fresco paintings.


Nick said...

they make something called "hematite" that I've used several times for the granulation..don't know if it's part of this line. need to look up "buon fresco"

Lilly said...

Thank you for sharing your fantanstic detailed explorations and huge volume of knowledge.