10 October 2007

san giorgio maggiore

Fabriano Artistico CP 300 gsm, 9" x 12".

today we packed up, took the huge hydrofoil from capri to naples, then flew to venice, and after a long water taxi ride reached our hotel (londra palace), just two canal bridges away from the doges palace. my first reaction was "venice, at last." i was starting to look forward to getting home.

this classical church sat on an island directly across from our hotel. i never could see its geometry accurately, even when drawing from a photograph.

somehow the struggle to visualize the form fell into a childlike boxiness and color pattern. i put all the major kinds of boats in the canal along with it ... tourist boat, delivery boat, luxury yachts, and vaporetto.

as we churned toward the hotel on a water taxi i told jan the flat round thing was the plug they pulled when they needed to drain the canal.

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