29 November 2007

algernon moncrieff

Strathmore drawing 130 gsm, 14" x 11".

to complete the romantic geometry, jack's london friend takes an interest in jack's ward and makes a surprise visit to the country to meet her, pretending to be jack's brother ernest. of course cecily has already fallen in love with him because his name is ernest and because, by all accounts, he is wicked.

this image is from early in the play, at 07:13, where algernon accuses jack of being "a bunburyist" -- someone who has an imaginary friend or relative that allows them excuse to leave their routine life for a bachelor jaunt. algernon has also invented an invalid relative, bunbury, whose relapses require trips to the country.

this freehand drawing was difficult to do as there were strong shadows around the mouth and eyes. i usually start the face with the eyes but as these were problematic i started with the nose instead.

lady bracknell follows everyone to the country where, through various comedic twists, it turns out that jack and algernon are really brothers, and that jack was already baptized before he was lost in the handbag -- as ernest.

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