08 October 2007


Arches HP 300 gsm, 10" x 14".

today we left amalfi for capri, on one of the mid sized ferries that ply the coast here, capacity about 100 people. we had a spectacular panorama of the sorrento peninsula during the trip.

the painting is of the island of capri seen from the bow of the ferry. the air was clearer after the storms and farther from the urban sprawl, but even so the air had a veiled, whitish quality as if distant objects were seen through a screen.

i had no memory of pictures of capri so i was surprised at how it is really a huge rock, almost like a limestone casting of yosemite valley turned upside down and plunked in the ocean. the near cliff is the site of the villa tiberius, and tiberius used to throw slaves off the cliff as a rebuke for cold soup. the town of capri is behind and below it, in the center of the island. we stayed on the right hand side, on a cliff overlooking the large ocean stranded rocks.

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