20 October 2007

morning, ravello

Fabriano Artistico CP 300 gsm, 9" x 12". about 15 hours.

this is another view of the scalloped coast southeast of ravello, on the morning after the huge thunderstorm of october 6.

this is a studio painting from photo documentation. it completely expanded from my original concept, primarily because i wanted to control the light. i did the clouds with a gummy primatek paint, which gives them a fleecy look but made them treacherous to edit.

the landforms are perylene green, dioxazine violet, chromium oxide green and various iron oxides. the sea is layers of a lot of different blue, green and rose paints.

i liked the connection between sky and ocean. modern thinking is that icy comets fell to the hot young earth and from those skyfallers came our oceans.

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Lilly said...

This has an exquisite feeling.