21 November 2007

weekly figure group

Strathmore drawing, 14" x 10".

lisa was the model at this week's figure drawing group ... a petite woman with a lovely figure and a relaxed modeling style. this drawing was a 5 minute pose.

there is a certain combination of time and effort that produces drawings i like. if the time is too short the drawings are inaccurate, and if the pose is too long, i end up fussing or fixing. this one was just right.

Strathmore drawing, 10" x 14".

for this one i had to get up and take a different seat in the room in order to get the angle i wanted. this was a longer pose; i used the time to make a clean outline and put in some value gradations.

i don't like to push the dark values because all that charcoal on the paper gets really messy. (one occasional visitor to the group wraps medical tape around his fingers so he can aggressively blend his drawings. his hands are completely black by evening's end.)

here i tried to get the right values within a limited value range.

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