05 December 2007

figure drawing group

Wolff's carbon on unknown paper.

another wednesday night at the figure drawing group.

the night did not begin well. first i discovered that i had forgotten to bring my paper pads, and had nothing to draw on. i found some large sheets of discard paper in a corner rack, a medium weight gray wove with a pronounced tooth.

then the model failed to show, so group members took turns posing. this is linda, a painter who comes down to the group from healdsburg.

Wolff's carbon on unknown paper.

about half an hour later the substitute model showed up, i didn't learn her name, so we finally got started. however the model gave us a few standing or seated poses, and then went to those demanding lying down poses. oh yes, within half an hour she was dozing on the platform.

the paper was unfamiliar and a bit rough, so i had to use a simplified drawing style.

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