10 December 2007


Strathmore drawing 130 gsm, 14" x 11".

siena posed today, her last session with me for the year. i'm soon off on another vacation with jan and will not be back at work until late january.

in tribute to her life in an intentional community and her concern for the environment and the rhythms of the wild, i gave her a copy of thoreau's "walden", a book she said she has never read.

this was her hand pose. i spent a little more time on it than usual because i have never felt satisfied with my drawings of her hands, and this was my last chance for the year. and this one came off well.

siena has strong feminine traits yet can calmly recount slaughtering a deer she found dead (and still warm) by the road. i tried to capture both aspects of her character in this image.

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