23 December 2007

[no title]

Winsor & Newton HP 300 gsm, 14" x 10".

i went to bed early feeling a bit out of sorts, lay there for awhile, then got up, dressed and went down to the studio to work; eventually got back to bed at 2 am.

for this painting i presorted a selection of green and yellow paints, some staining and some granulating and relatively unstaining. making the most of the late hour, i painted this one in the dark, or at least as dark as my studio gets under a full moon, after the method cy twombly used to make his rome chalk drawings.

once finished, i used running water and a sponge to lift off the excess color, leaving a muted pattern in stained paper. the sponge left faint striations across the page.

i liked the result and may explore this technique further.

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