26 December 2007

[no title]

Lanaquarelle CP 300 gsm, 10" x 14".

i was still a little dissatisfied that i hadn't really "done a twombly" and worked the stroke gestures into a denser pattern. so i started with a spongy paper (lanaquarelle) that i soaked under running cold water for about 3 minutes, then used a small (1/4") acrylic flat brush to lay down small, roughly parallel lines of pure color.

at first the paper diffused the lines, so that i could cut through them with later strokes; some paints diffused more than others. the later lines were more defined, but could be softened by brushing on a little water. at the pace i worked the sheet retained a consistent, all over moistness.

i like the result a lot. if you look at this image from across the room you'll discover that the lines fuse into a broader rhythm; as you approach the rhythm jumps down to a more detailed level. it's certainly possible to get color changes as well, so that the painting appears grayer from a distance, mimicking the effects of memory.

i also went into this painting with a large project in the back of my mind, an emperor sized painting of grasses and wildflowers. i took the photos for this painting several years ago, and haven't had the nerve to start it. this painting got my juices going.

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