02 December 2007


Strathmore drawing, 14"x 10".

now for the pet gallery. this is scooter, the older of our two cats. we got him at the san mateo cat show many years ago. he wasn't suitable for breeding because of the cowlick on his back. everyone remarks on it.

cats are hard to draw if they are awake. sleeping is no problem, but awake they do not like being stared at. it agitates them, makes them get up and move.

this is a photo. scooters is waiting for someone to open the door.

i didn't have much interest in this cat until we moved to the sonoma countryside. then he and i discovered a common passion: killing gophers. when i am out in the field he comes out and follows me around, in case there's a kill to gnaw on. we had to pull all his teeth because they were abcessed, so he has to gum them. takes him a long time, but eventually only the head is left.

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