01 February 2008


Acrylic on gessoed canvas panel, 16" x 12". 2 hours.

this is my second acrylic painting. it is built from the same photograph as the previous drawing, but with the panel gridded in sixths to facilitate the drawing transfer, done freehand.

i was surprised how quickly the acrylics worked, especially in her hair, which would be much harder to do in watercolor. also the color modulations are easier to see on the palette, since the drying shifts (changes in color as the paint dries) are much smaller in acrylics than in watercolors. even so, i am still feeling my way in the paint mixtures, since the tinting strengths of the pigments are not the same as in watercolor. (i ruined a good painting of charlotte, my second acrylic, because i underestimated the tinting strength of the nickel azo yellow.) it's like trying to bowl with an unusually heavy ball.

this painting shows a little better the definition and correct proportion of cassandra's features.


Didi Menendez said...

This is excellent.

Cat said...

I still haven't tried acrylics - I have some, but have been sticking with watercolor for now. I was surprised to realize that I hope you don't end up preferring the acrylics to watercolor, which I suspect indicates my own hesitations. I am very interested to hear of your further exploration of this medium and how you adapt to the various challenges you encounter.

You're certainly off to a lovely start.

RHCarpenter said...

Love the chunky hair on this acrylic painting very much. I can see why you liked how it worked for that style. There is a certain vivacious quality to this painting you captured.