15 January 2008


Hahnemuhle "Albrect Durer" 10" x 8".

now that i am back in the studio i've set as one of my projects working through the large backlog of unfinished paintings that has accumulated over the past months (photo below).

this one of kimberly was originally in a set of paintings done on the Durer paper, which i abandoned for some reason. anyway, i put in the minimal effort to close this one out, mostly in the hair and face.

the backlog has portraits of siena, charlotte, margaret; a nice series of figure nudes with stefanie, and a few sonoma landscapes. i hope to clean through the lot by this summer.

1 comment:

Nick said...

Beautiful palette here Bruce, and the textures fine. Good POV too. wondering about the left side...some phthalo green with raw umber/sepia maybe?