30 December 2007

[no title]

Arches HP 300 gsm, 10" x 14".

this was an attempt to create more animistic shapes, here the central bar that seems to feed into or off of the purple spaces around it through roots or tentacles.

unfortunately the purple is too saturated for the green gold, which can't decide whether it is a green or a yellow. indecision in the presence of purple is always a weakness. the piece feels sickly to me.

i think shapes or outlines like this need more context, or atmosphere, to cushion them.

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Anonymous said...

This picture looks more like the face of an elephant, resembling the Indian divinity known by the name Ganesh. Incidentally Ganesh - the elephant faced God is supposed to be the Lord of letters and learning.
From Prof KP Rao, a regular reader and fan of handprint.