10 February 2008

cassandra (watercolor)

Watercolor on Velke Losiny "Moldau", 12" x 18".

as i was flogging around with the acrylics i decided it would be useful to do two identical paintings, in acrylic and watercolor, to clarify the differences between the two media.

the image is of cassandra horsing around on the studio brown leather couch. the image was squared, and both supports squared with blue watercolor pencil. then the image was transferred freehand to both supports using carbon pencil.

to make the comparison exact i used the same palette -- the six paint secondary palette, described on january 19 -- because the same pigments were available in both watercolor and acrylic.

i made photographs of the paintings as they progressed, but only show the finished paintings here. each painting took about 5 hours.

comparisons are made in the next post.

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