19 February 2008

figure self

Watercolor on Arches CP 300 gsm, 14" x 10".

the (nude) figure self portrait is basically a 20th century genre. to my knowledge it runs in painting from egon schiele through lucian freud, with major examples (john coplans) in photography. i haven't done one before.

this is a freehand drawing done in the studio dressing mirror. i laid out a grid of tape on the mirror and used this to transfer the image to the squared paper. the mirror grid had to be adjusted, by observation and construction, to account for the increased foreshortening in height from head to feet, and for the 10% reduction in width produced by mirror curvature.

the drawing was very difficult to do, and contains many corrections. the arms had to be drawn from memory. the colors turned out well, and i plan to do a larger version using the same methods.

the head is peculiarly large, in proportions similar to a nine year old ... which is about my emotional age, anyway.

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