28 February 2008


Watercolor on Arches HP 300 gsm, 14" x 10".

to conclude the stefanie series, here is a backlog portrait that i began last year.

i have to say that from the beginning i did not much like this painting ... the colors seemed wrong, the rendering was clumsy, and the grace of the pose was lost.

but i refused to give up on it and finally got it to a state where i am not ashamed of it, though i still don't look at it with pleasure.

the background is a mixture of quinacridone violet and quinacridone red, which yields a beautiful fuchsia, not as strident as it appears in the image.

my displeasure is still with the eyes, which are not quite what i wanted. but the painting seems to get better the more often i look at it.

1 comment:

bennie said...

i glanced over the entries of last month (i am a sometimes visitor)
and stopped at this particular painting, coming back, wondering, and start reading

i learn that you do not enjoy this painting, and i do
how ..., why ..., what ...

extreme contrast of colors
but stil, it is the eyes that catch my attention
(and these are not even looking at me)
you mention the pose that is not captured
but still, it is the pose that attracts me (distracted? not aware? causual?)

and finally, you put it online
(something has to go online 'today'?)