09 March 2008

writing exercise

Charcoal and watercolor pencil on Utrecht bristol 180 gsm, 12" x 16", on black background.

while browsing a book on maurits escher, mostly for recreation, i came across this quote:

A person who is lucidly aware of miracles that surround him, who has learned to bear up under loneliness, has made quite a bit of progress on the road to wisdom.

i copied this in the format of my first handwriting exercises in elementary school. i double ruled five lines of bristol and wrote with compressed charcoal, and was surprised to see my handwriting revert to the childlike form. the "erasures" are smudged out mistakes. i shadowboxed the card with black paper and posted it on the wall, where it looks just like the slogans, famous sayings, pithy wisdom that used to stand over my earnest classroom head.

what a long road we take in life, and how far away now my beginnings seem to be.


Sandy Maudlin said...

The phrase is so true. Thanks for sharing.

W. K. Moore said...

Hi Bruce.. great quote to take to heart. I'm aware of the miracles that surround me but not quite pleased with my inability to control them. Music was made to combat loneliness, boredom, agitation, etc.; that's why I always have an ample supply (of music). Nice to see you've been busy and producing a substantial, excellent body of work.

Nick said...

Two of my favorite people already here...install a watercooler, will ya? Diggin' the hair on April...in March. You're a man on a mission Bruce, and it's inspiring!