19 April 2008


two watercolors of coho salmon, the parr and spawning stages, done for fundraising invites for the endangered species coalition.

10 April 2008

easy hand

watercolor and carbon pencil on Fabriano Artistico R 300gsm, 18" x 12".

we had the master & guest bedrooms, two offices, the master bathroom and the hallway painted and this induced a spurt of bottom up spring cleaning -- books, clothes, computers, dvds, financial documents, tools, furniture, storage boxes, the works.

a few weeks' relaxation, a thorough cleaning of the studio, a sort & reshelving of all my studio art books, and days just staring out the window. how blissful.

when i picked up again at the weekly figure group, i was surprised to find that drawings came more easily and took a more relaxed style.

these pieces, of aaron, were done from 15 or 20 minute poses, including both the drawing and painting. i worked as quickly as i could but didn't focus on accuracy or finish. i enjoyed myself.

i've gotten a couple of commissions and also sold a large (40" x 30") figure nude at a very good price. so it's been a good month.