10 April 2008

easy hand

watercolor and carbon pencil on Fabriano Artistico R 300gsm, 18" x 12".

we had the master & guest bedrooms, two offices, the master bathroom and the hallway painted and this induced a spurt of bottom up spring cleaning -- books, clothes, computers, dvds, financial documents, tools, furniture, storage boxes, the works.

a few weeks' relaxation, a thorough cleaning of the studio, a sort & reshelving of all my studio art books, and days just staring out the window. how blissful.

when i picked up again at the weekly figure group, i was surprised to find that drawings came more easily and took a more relaxed style.

these pieces, of aaron, were done from 15 or 20 minute poses, including both the drawing and painting. i worked as quickly as i could but didn't focus on accuracy or finish. i enjoyed myself.

i've gotten a couple of commissions and also sold a large (40" x 30") figure nude at a very good price. so it's been a good month.


Anonymous said...

Good to have you back - sounds like a wonderful respite. The works you posted are wonderful - esp like the handling of the backgrounds and the choice of colors. I guess it's good to take a break once in a while.

Toner said...

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Adam Cope said...


the good uses of slowness


skiving off

letting the deeper parts surface

btw, like the last figure with the blue background