20 August 2008


charcoal on ingres drawing, 22" x 16".

i started this over a week ago and then ignored it because it turned flat and insipid. this week i went over it with a heavier charcoal, twice on two days, mostly just scribbling or making shadow contours. i like that it looks like a cross between a lifetime of scars and the tattoos of my tribe.

i dislike the whole routine of shading forms in the classical style. i don't mind it if i can play with color but when restricted to charcoal or pencil i just want to draw.


watercolor on arches CP 14" x 10".

picking up a painting of charlotte started last february and left with the background finished and the sweater, face and hair blocked in. the hair was the task that tired me out. i got a lot of pleasure from filling in her face using only warm hues and greens, and sculpting her hair from various red, yellow and green pigments; there are even a few red-yellow-green spectra in there. blue is only in the background and in eyes, bound in purple. i enjoy disciplining blue.

charlotte and i were just settling into the last posing position, with her seated on the couch, when i asked her "so you don't believe in that baby jesus stuff, do you?" and she gave this raucous, surprised eclat.

19 August 2008

margaret's hands

Charcoal on Strathmore drawing, 10" x 14".

the hand drawing at the start of our session. i was drawn into a lot of detail. the original was an outline drawing; later i went over the drawing emphasizing some lines and shadows.

17 August 2008


Charcoal on Strathmore drawing, 30" x 22".

margaret came over today to inaugurate my return to the studio ... i did her hands twice, two figure drawings, and about 10 minutes of photography. it was good to see her again.

this drawing was work but it came off pretty well in the proportions and gesture.