20 August 2008


watercolor on arches CP 14" x 10".

picking up a painting of charlotte started last february and left with the background finished and the sweater, face and hair blocked in. the hair was the task that tired me out. i got a lot of pleasure from filling in her face using only warm hues and greens, and sculpting her hair from various red, yellow and green pigments; there are even a few red-yellow-green spectra in there. blue is only in the background and in eyes, bound in purple. i enjoy disciplining blue.

charlotte and i were just settling into the last posing position, with her seated on the couch, when i asked her "so you don't believe in that baby jesus stuff, do you?" and she gave this raucous, surprised eclat.

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E. Floyd said...

Hi, I have been a fan of yours forever! I really like this painting, the nice analogous pallete with the red hair being a warm color complement to the rest of the composition. It is also very nice that you captured her smiling, not many portraits do this.