04 September 2008

weekly figure drawing group

charcoal on strathmore drawing, 12" x 9".

i have missed several sessions in august ... our dog died; i spent a couple of weeks completely refinishing and repairing my wife's redwood greenhouse; and we have been making preparations for a fundraiser we will be hosting this weekend for the endangered species coalition.

anna marie was the model tonight. i have not especially enjoyed working with her in the past but last night was a very congenial session. she was much more relaxed and focused than has been usual, and she had put on some very flattering weight -- by eating, she said, "butter and eggs". scott, a local english professor, was drawing by me and we had some interesting exchanges on campus politics and classical rhetoric.

although her figure is lovely and great interest to draw, i focused mostly on her face, making several drawings and a couple of paintings. these two drawings are both 10 minute poses.

for some reason my glasses were not giving me the clarity i needed and i had only a fuzzy perception of her real features.

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Jeanette said...

Life does take over at times doesn't it? Its difficult losing an animal as they do become attached and we personalize them, losing a little of ourselves when they go.

However, its always a treat to find a new drawing of yours. I adore your line drawings.

I have always loved the simplicity of line and use it myself, often not wanting to develop the drawing further as is often expected.