30 September 2008

weekly figure group

charcoal on Strathmore drawing, 14" x 10".

another figure drawing group, another model ... i've worked with this model before but forgot to ask her name. she was a great subject -- lots of variety, good musculature and proportion across her form, and energetic interesting poses. she did not do a single lying down pose, which most models use as their free nap. amazing!

the group has been in a slump lately. don, one of the stalwarts, has been sick a lot, and the group organizer has frequently used a particular model, jo, who is both unpleasant to look at and a loud personality. she has worked at the group six times in the past three months. i ran into two artists on my way into the group who were complaining about her; one had just walked out when he found out who the model was.

i called don at home to check in on him, and he asked who was the model at the group that night. "jo," i said. "gee," he replied, "three times in four weeks." and then he laughed.


Jeanette said...

Lovely drawing, as always.

I know where you're coming from on some models. Some are great to draw, with wonderful poses, others just blah. I'm the one circling the room trying to make the most of a bad situation in terms of finding an interesting angle in some of these sessions...

Katherine Tyrrell said...

I do sympathise re tiresome model. We have a model who comes to my drawing a head class and then proceeds to cat nap while posing. Makes trying to draw eye sockets and eyes a triful challenging. I've given up trying to draw him....but luckily we always have two so I just opt for the other one now.

Most are really super though.

Nick said...

A wickedly difficult pose to capture, I would have passed! Same place we went?