16 October 2008


watercolor on Arches R 300 gsm, 9" x 12".

this was one of those paintings that happen because an interesting object lands near a blank piece of paper. i got into the color mimicry of the fruit and skin, and making the background a dull color exactly between gray, brown and purple. it has a more velvety visual texture than the photo demonstrates.

14 October 2008


watercolor on Arches CP 300 gsm, 14" x 10".

this is the last of the four paola paintings. the pose was taken in late afternoon light, the model lounging in the studio's leather and bent wood rocker.

i worked on this one in small stages and slowly, letting the piece sit for a while in between. it was the most interesting to work on, mostly because of the detail in the rug, limbs, and the interwoven leather strips.

i realized after completing the series that each painting is keyed by one of the four painter's primary colors -- green, red, blue, and yellow (this one).