16 October 2008


watercolor on Arches R 300 gsm, 9" x 12".

this was one of those paintings that happen because an interesting object lands near a blank piece of paper. i got into the color mimicry of the fruit and skin, and making the background a dull color exactly between gray, brown and purple. it has a more velvety visual texture than the photo demonstrates.


W. K. Moore said...

bruce.. i like this melon work. the washes really do their magic and define what needs defining in their own way. The grayed mauve is a good fit and surrounds the melon in a most tasty way. The yellow orange is dispersed in the paper in a controlled yet natural fashion .. this is a jewel in a crushed velvet container.

Nava said...

This is a wonderful limited palette you chose here. I've been following your HandPrint site since I started painting (in fact, you're my oracle on paints and pigments), and I'm glad to have discovered your blog!

Nick said...

You nailed the pic, Bruce, and Bill got the crushed velvet. I like the green part, makes me want to paint this subject.