28 November 2008


Watercolor on Saunders Waterford 350gsm 40" x 26".

this pose is from our session last spring. i asked for a simple standing pose.

the background started blue but turned into yellow green, struck through with magenta streaks marked with backruns. that was striped with a transparent yellow, producing a kind of vibration around the figure.

the figure is entirely in red, yellow and green, mostly siennas and browns, quinacridone gold and chromium oxide green. blue is the cutout (background) color and yellow is the color of the palest skin.

the extended rectangle behind the figure indicates how much her legs were stretched in photoshop to produce canonical figure proportions. this renders the figure idealization as a spatial dislocation.

i may do this one again with different pigments.


Mike said...

Bruce . . .You are tagged. Please come by my blog and read the post on tagging. My reasons are stated there.

You should know there are hundreds, if not thousands, of us painters who are grateful for your incredible work in the area of watercolor! a BIG thank you!

Carol Carter said...

i like this painting a lot!

chris! said...

bruce, i've stalked your blog for a long time since a common friend (nick simmons) pointed me towards it.

i really, really like the background on this one - and the figure is also superb.

i also like your hand studies too. i've always liked drawing hands.

by the way - handprint has been my bible since before i met nick. thanks for building such a great resource for all of us!

best regards,

Adam Cope said...

shouldn't the title be 'lula - exteneded'or something like that?

ps. all these sexy ladies you paint...