26 July 2007

book of life

book of life (front page)

on her return from visiting a grad school buddy in austin, my wife presented me with a book of handmade watercolor papers hand bound into a leather cover that she bought in a local crafts store. a kind of cowboy painting portfolio.

there are 48 pages that invite as many as 96 paintings. i decided to paint images of our life together in west county, as a gesture of everything she brings to my life.

the book of life. what does each of us paint into it?

rubber ducky
handmade paper, 10" x 8". 1 hour.

my first image is a rubber ducky. jan has a collection of a dozen or so, all sizes and styles, around the master bedroom bath. after a hard day in the garden she loves to crawl in the hot water and run the jaccuzi for a long spell.

i found the paper is more absorbent than i am used to, and clean edges are hard to hold between overlapping paint areas. normally i would just leave a thin white line between the color areas, but this paper is quite rough.

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Nick said...

I remember those. You could give Skinner a run for his money here