25 July 2007

escher's sea

Arches CP 300gsm 16" x 12". 4 hours (over several days).

this isn't my work: it's a copy of a lithograph by maurits escher. i painted it to study its composition, the handling of tonal values, and the rendering of water.

i am an incorrigible copyist. i don't copy paintings often, but when i see an image (painting, news photo, cinema still) that intrigues me, i copy it to see how it works and how it might work in watercolor.

the benefit of copying, rather than painting an actual object or place, is that the original and its copy are equally artificial images, which makes the differences between them clearer; and it brings out my own artistic temperament in the features that i don't want or am unable to copy. the spirit is different, and the difference is visible.

speaking of copying from videos ... a recent episode of HBO's "big love" impressed me for its visual composition and use of color contrasts and light, so i plan to run through it and make copies of the most instructive images.


kab said...

hi Bruce, nice copy, and thanks for Handprint, I always find the answers I'm after there. I look forward to the book.

W. K. Moore said...

Thanks for posting this Bruce. Nailed the graded washes you did.. not an easy task with runbacks and such. This has challenged me to step off dry land and try some water subjects.

Nick said...

Not sure where you'd sign this one, but just remembered you don't sign your work, right? That's going to wreak havoc for future curators and appraisers!
Don't recall the original Escher, but I'd probably prefer this. any masking, or just old fashioned know-how?