17 August 2007

siena drowsy

Arches CP 300 gsm 12" x 9". 3 hours.

around 3pm siena got very drowsy and almost fell asleep during a portrait pose. this is the life drawing i did at the time.

i have the same problem with afternoon drowsiness, though it is not as bad for me as it was a few years ago; i think eating lighter and having less stress in my life has helped. anyway, i empathized.

i left this painting unfinished because i made a technical failure. i became intrigued with the colors across the face and pursued that without bringing the hand along with it. i did that because the hand was an awkward modeling challenge. then when i built the hand i could not match its colors to the face.

working on so many paintings has produced more failures than usual, partly from the level of effort to do the work but also because i am trying so many different things at the same time.

this was an enjoyable painting even so.

1 comment:

W. K. Moore said...

Cool skin tones.. and the gesture of the eyes.. and shading make this one read at the gut level. I can feel the drowsiness...