16 August 2007


Lanaquarelle HP 300 gsm 14" x 10". 5 hours.

next up is siena, a mills college woman who climbs 200' high redwoods with her bare hands and is between jobs and between residences. stephanie referred her to me because she has "great hair", and in fact she used to be a runway hair model.

this is from photo references, not a life drawing ... another queue jumper. siena sat with her hair up for the life poses, and then took her hair down when i asked how long it was. it's an amazing matt and jumble of thick, almost rastifarian locks, and i loved painting it. i also drew (rather than painted) her face, which makes it more delicate and exact than my usual effort.

i very much like this pose, it is not serious but not comic either; an "in between" pose. she was absent mindedly pulling a lock as she was talking with me about one thing or another, with a thoughtful expression on her face. her upraised arms display her well knit figure.


W. K. Moore said...

I particularly like this one Bruce. The composition cut by the pose is striking and attracted my attention immediately. The color scheme unifies the picture frame and gives a comforting warmth. You used yellow effectively and it does not overpower the rest of the picture elements. This work has something special - you have given the model personality and character.

W. K. Moore said...

Had to have another look at this one. I think the hair did it.. yep that's it. excellent