26 September 2007

arrival rome

roman guide
arches HP 300gsm, 9" x 12". 2 hours.

solitude is a wonderful thing, as wonderful in its way as a vacation ... but vacation and reflection are over, and it's time to get back to the business of blogging. yikes i'm already 54 days behind!

i have a backlog of paintings to post, which i will be posting over the next month ... a few a day, to spread out the tedium of the blogger interface.

for starters, here comes a painting a day from our italy vacation. some of these were done during the trip, some after, but all are done plein air style ... freehand on block paper, with pan paints.

here's my bride consulting her guidebooks to plan the next day's itinerary. jan made all the bookings and travel reservations, and was my personal guide on many excursions. this is our room at the hotel eden, the morning after our arrival in rome.


Carol Carter said...

this is a lovely piece. i look forward to seeing your other works from italy!


W. K. Moore said...

Hey Bruce .. you captured a feeling for me of when I used to see those lamps on my own business travels. Your wife is caught in a comfortable pose - shoes off and loose garb. But the contrast in my hotel experience was between my physical comfort and the artificiality of the room's appointments. And god forbid if the room smelled like stale cigarettes. That lamp takes me back... a lamp I would never have in my home.. because they don't sell them in Ikea. Very cool painting.....