26 September 2007

ciao baby!

this blog is going on a three week hiatus while my wife and i vacation in italy. i am taking my plein air paint kit and will have paintings of rome, naples, herculaneum, capri and venice online after i return.

in the meantime ... keep on painting!


Joan said...

Have a nice trip, then.

I think you'll tons of opportunities to paint great watercolours. Let your wrist loose and let the paint go wild!

I live relatively near Italy (in the Balearic Islands) and usually this part of the year has perfect weather and very good light.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with after the vacation.

Adam said...


paint well & bonne vacances

W. K. Moore said...

May you have an excellent trip and perhaps you can share some of your photo work.

leslyf said...

Hallo Bruce

Just found your blog ... its great. And I see that, like me, you are also a Nicholas Simmons fan!

Just a thought ... how about joining us at Art Blogs 4 U? Would love to see you there.

Meantime have a wonderful trip .. you lucky man!

all the best