04 September 2007


Arches HP 300 gsm, 14" x 10". 4 hours.

this is another life drawing of siena. (the previous drawing was siena drowsy.)

her hair is similar to margaret's: they both have layers of complexity, larger and smaller strands and flags. with margaret the braids are bold enough to define a clear level of pattern, but with geneva, the braids and strands are more complex so it is not clear where to put the pattern.

i used a wolff's carbon on hot pressed paper, then added emphasis after the hair was painted. i think i found the right level of complexity but the hair is not stylized accurately enough.

the flesh tone is one pigment, benzimida brown PBr25. gold ochre would be too yellow and burnt sienna in tints is also rather yellow. the benzimida is a dark brown in masstone but becomes a grayed pink in very weak solution. the background is burnt sienna, as comparison.

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