05 September 2007


Winsor & Newton CP 300 gsm, 14" x 10". 4 hours.

this is the third life drawing of siena.

the background is a very diluted yellow green, which is the chromaticity of sunlight; this contrasts with the magenta foundation tint of the shirt, which was subdued with venetian red and gold ochre.

this drawing was done in graphite rather than charcoal, and less effort was put into symbolizing the hair. i still cannot decide how to integrate drawing and painting. maybe there is no best way.

siena's features seem to me handsome in a robust way, and her face fits well with her lifestyle of remaining close to the earth. she is distinct from the conventional stereotypes of appearance imposed on us by print and electronic media.

hair is all da vinci raw umber.

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W. K. Moore said...

Bruce .. I must say.. am compelled to say.. your hair technique makes for great viewing on your model series. I think something syncs up with this particular model as you paint her so well. Looks to me like the hair color has been glazed over the background color.. The warms and cools are well balanced and harmonized.