15 September 2007


Arches CP 300gsm, 14" x 10". 3 hours.

my sister came through for an overnight stay with her son (again), so the studio was on hiatus for a couple of days. and they will be back through next weekend, and then things should settle down for the rest of the year.

kristina arrived as they were leaving the studio, and after trying many set ups i got this great pose from her. i included more of her torso as a way to suggest her physical strength.

the photo and paper were squared, and the figure guidelines sketched in graphite. then the grid was erased and the image was cut with carbon pencil (wolff's, a really great drawing tool), though i think a light graphite drawing would have been better. i kept everything here to the bare minimum -- no modeling of form or light, very simple indication of the hair, volume suggested by edge shading only; most of the work was put into the mouth and eyes.

the flesh is a mixture of gold ochre and cobalt violet and is a little too yellow in the image (which was shot in late afternoon light). in the painting it has a pearlescent paleness with delicate highlights of violet. the edge outlining is shifted toward brownish red.

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Joan said...

I am glad I've found this new project of yours, Bruce.
I have been using your handprint site for quite a while and I have found it enormously useful, especially regarding technical questions and to help me select new watercolour paints.
It's great that your comments for each work here are really to the point and giving specific details about materials and process.
Congratulations and keep up with it-- I'll be here to watch!