14 September 2007

margaret's hands

Strathmore drawing 200gsm, 10" x 14". 15 minutes.

here's another pose from the same day ... a bit more time on it, and a more convincing drawing, even with the foreshortening in the fingers and thumb.

i usually schedule the best models twice a month, as they give me enough work to keep me busy for at least a week. i'm currently working with five or six but plan to cut back to only two or three once i return from my vacation next month.

i've found over the weeks that models often adopt the same hand pose from one session to the next. these are like habit positions that seem natural because they are part of their routine posture.

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W. K. Moore said...

Your drawing on all the models excels. The line rhythm and weight makes for dynamic relationships. You know how to frame the drawing which attracts the viewer's eye and leads it on an interesting path. Man... you can draw..