18 September 2007


Arches CP 300 gsm, 14" x 10". 3 hours.

this is a peculiar image. it's a life drawing of margaret, but the watercolor tablet was flat on the table, so i viewed it downward as i drew at about a 45 degree angle. this caused the tablet to appear foreshortened and the image, drawn to scale, to appear elongated.

rather than correct the drawing i treated it with stylized, flat color, strong color contrasts, and almost no detail.

margaret usually wears her hair braided but on this day she came with her hair freshly shampooed and left down to dry. it gives her an older, more retro appearance.


Hattermad said...

cool looking...has a feel like a T.H. Benton pic, in the slight ignoring of reality, or elongating of reality so to speak. That Barnum fellow has that knack too.

Dig the blog, dig the art!

Nick said...

That's an interesting effect, and works for me here...i like the elongation in figure work. Love the hair too, and what's the background, pyrole orange with something mixed in?