17 September 2007

margaret's feet

Hahnemuehle "Durer" 250gsm, 10" x 8". 3 hours.

this is another experiment in monochromatic imagery, started with ink on paper and then finished with lamp black or sepia watercolors.

the hahnemuehle paper is cupped, like a shallow porcelain dish, with a decorative but subtle deckle. i want to do a series of these images of margaret's hands and legs. i think i should leave a white border around the image, to set off the deckle.

1 comment:

W. K. Moore said...

Effective and dramatic POV. The forms flow nicely from foot to hands and I like the way the feet are contrasted with the pattern on the tiles.. Hands and feet are difficult to draw believably and any straying from the correct structure of the anatomy draws attention which many times ruin the piece. Your study of the anatomy has paid off here.