31 October 2007


Arches HP 300 gsm 12" x 9".

this was drawn in carbon pencil from a photo viewed on my computer monitor.

i got this pose from her after i had bantered her into annoyance. it fit her hair and shows a completely different color to her features.

the hair is one of the primatek paints, which lays on the paper like a thin sediment of plaster. it can be cut with an acrylic brush, which is how i added the highlights.

i divided the values into lights and darks, to emphasize her eyes. they and the background are the only blue in the image. everything else is green, yellow or red -- the illumination spectrum -- which gives the air lots of light.


CresceNet said...
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W. K. Moore said...

Intense expression in the eyes. I like your sculpted modeling of the hair and the coffee color is well harmonized with the shirt and green object in the background. She has proven to be a good model for you.