01 November 2007

siena's hands

Strathmore drawing, 12" x 18".

ok, well nobody commented on my gondola painting, so let's move on.

october was a great month but here comes november, and siena came by to pose today. we worked for four hours.

i always start the session with some hand poses, figure poses in miniature, and this was siena's contribution.

i sometimes wonder what's up with a model's pose ... maybe say siena came in a pointed mood and focused her attention on me. the foreshortening was tricky.

siena's hands are quite strong and calloused, but also graceful. it is difficult to strike the balance but it makes a nice contrast in the two hand poses (some posted below).

as for the blog ... i'm still catching up as planned ... spent a few days in los angeles and now that i'm back i'm behind only 27 days. should be all caught up by christmas. (just in time for another trip.)

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